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Husky Puppy Beaten by US Marines

Husky Puppy Beaten by US Marines Recovers

Two Marines are being explored after a Husky puppy was beaten so ruthlessly his rear legs were broken and his nose was bound with rubber bands that ended up cutting through to the bone. Five month old Kane was supposedly misused by the wedded couple, yet is making progress toward recuperation and has discovered another home.

Husky puppy beaten by US Marines

When he was found by California-based Ranch Dog Rescue, the Husky measured only 11lbs and his mouth had been bound shut for so long that his teeth had decayed and his nose was scarred down to the bone. Kane hadn’t even possessed the capacity to shout out when his legs were broken. He experienced surgery at Butterfield Animal Hospital in Temecula, California to repair his legs prior this month.

Maureen Keo, originator of Ranch Dog Rescue, said: ‘I couldn’t have asked, or trusted, for a better prognosis. ‘Each of the three veterinarians who treated Kane concur that the degree of his wounds are a reasonable indication of disregard and the consequence of extreme misuse. ‘Presently, Kane at last has a voice yet best of all, he has discovered a home. ‘In six weeks or somewhere in the vicinity, when the lovely Husky puppy has recouped from surgery, Kane will join a cherishing family experienced with special needs pets.’

husky puppy beaten by marines

An announcement from Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton said: ‘Two Camp Pendleton Marines, a spouse and wife, are under scrutiny by the military police on board Camp Pendleton and their unit for affirmations of animal abuse.

‘Command is centering their consideration on the matter and will concoct a determination on what activity will be passed on.’

Husky puppy saved from marines


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