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Naming your Husky

Before naming your Husky

A great opportunity has been offered to you! You get the chance to name your new Husky puppy that you have brought into the lives of you and your family. You could be under a lot of pressure when deciding what name you want to use that is not too adorable or cute, not too obscene, and it needs to be something that will fit with your Husky’s personality and identity.

You could go with choosing a classic name such as Fido or Skip. It seems like these names don’t ever go out of style unless you have kids who need a name that is hip. You can also use the name of your most loved movie star or your favorite singer, legendary people, relatives, and even presidents. The sky is the limit when it comes to naming your Husky.

A few recommendations for naming your Husky:

naming your husky

  • For the next 15 years you will be calling  your Husky by this name you choose. Make sure you pick something that you really like.
  • One to three syllables works well with a Husky name. A really long name could be cumbersome when calling your Husky. There are Husky’s that have three names just like children do(first name, middle name, and last name). Make sure you choose a Husky name that isn’t too complex.
  • Make sure you use your Husky’s name when you speak with your Siberian Husky and when you praise him. When your Husky hears it next, he will come running since he realizes that its his own special word.

Try not to name the puppy something that will humiliate you or others when you need to call him out in the open.

Make sure you spend enough time with your Husky and become more acquainted with her before picking a name for your Husky. You may name her and figure out later that it does not fit. Use it for a couple of days or a week and see what you think about it. Get advise from your family and friends. Host a ‘Name My Husky’ party and give prizes to the people whose name you picked. There are a large range of names out there that you can choose from. Find out which one that fits your Husky and makes you happy.