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Stop Husky Begging

How do you stop Husky begging?

If your Husky’s begging has become a typical issue the Husky may begin raising the stakes by including a bark or nudging at your leg. This is due to the Husky’s disappointment and frustration and is thinking to himself, “this did work before, maybe I will keep on trying”. On the off chance that your Husky demonstrates this kind of Husky behavior then you have to stay solid and keep on ignoring him or her.
stop husky begging
So how do we stop Husky begging? The main step is doing what you should of done when your Husky was still a puppy. You need to stop rewarding that behavior by not giving in and not paying attention to it. Keeping the Husky in it’s crate, kennel, or a different room around dinner or snack times if this is problematic. This recommendation is important if you have children in the family who like to give the Husky the foods that they don’t like. Make sure that everyone in the family knows not to give their food to the Husky and make sure everyone follows this rule to stop Husky begging.

If your Husky isn’t rewarded in the way he is used to, you will find this is where the battle begins . Your Husky will think that he or she isn’t receiving enough attention and may start to cry or whine in objection to the treatment. Don’t give in or the fight will be lost and it will be harder in the next round. The process will take time and work for a few weeks and just one time of slipping the Husky a treat just to be nice can end all the earlier training so standing your ground and enforcing the rule of not giving treats to the Husky is an absolute must.

Some ideas to stop Husky begging are appropriate to mention here. One great one is to feed the Husky at the same time that the rest of the family eats, preferably in another room. This way the Husky has its own food and won’t feel the need to take food from other people in the family. If this isn’t an option, maybe give your Husky a toy to play with, thus keeping them occupied all throughout dinner time.

No matter how you decide to handle the situation, consistent and rigid training is the only effective approach to correct it. Each member and guest of your household must implement the rules or all your work would be pointless. If you take after these rules, you will be blessed with a healthier pet, a more satisfied household, and pride in your well mannered Husky friend.


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